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Going Back to School - Classroom Configurations

Utilizing protective shields combined with a classroom configuration that promotes social distancing is key to ensuring student safety while still fostering a comfortable learning environment. 

Middle & High School Classrooms

A traditional classroom with 30 chair desks in a row

A traditional configuration does not promote social distancing or comply with the CDC guidelines to reduce possible exposure to COVID-19.

A traditional classroom with 12 chair desks to allow proper social distancing

A reduced classroom size with desk at a 6ft social distanced  can help reduce possible exposure and spread of COVID-19. 

Elementary School Classrooms

Flow collaborative groups with Classroom Health Shields

Using Alumni’s Flow Student Desks creates a pentagon-shaped table for 5. By placing Classroom Health Shield on each desk, students are provided double protection, a “must have” in close quarters.

Traditional 18x24 desk groupings with Classroom Health Shields

Popular 18″ x 24″ Student Desks can be arranged in a variety of ways, including a pod of 4, with 4 feet of separation in the center. Adding Classroom Health Shields to each desk surrounds the student with protection on three sides. 

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