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Building a Healthier Workplace

Rudolph Supply is your one-stop shop for the services and products you need to provide a cleaner, safer space for your employees and guests.

Consider some of the following ways our experts can help you build and maintain a healthy workplace:

Reconfigure Existing Workspaces to Provide Social Distance

We are a full-service furniture dealership with in-house interior designers, skilled in space planning and reconfiguring existing workstations. Representing over 100 furniture manufacturers, we offer solutions for every budget and need.

Provide Physical Barriers

Items such as acrylic screens and freestanding panels create a separation of space in previously open plans and collaborative environments. We will recommend products and placement for barriers to provide the most protection possible.

Anti-Microbial Material & Finish Recommendations

Our specialists give careful consideration to the needs of your business, including recommendations of specific materials, such as anti-microbial fabrics and surface finishes for optimal durability and hygiene.

Provide & Install Touchless Hardware

Making the switch to touchless hardware removes shared points of contact everywhere from doors and drawers to hand sanitizer dispensers. Our team can recommend which products to choose as well as how to best deploy them.

Implement Health Screenings

Our team can help you design and implement health screening protocols in your office. We also offer everything from infrared thermometers to back-up stock of PPE for employees and guests. Don’t risk returning to work without a comprehensive plan.

Utilize Signage & Floor Decals to Direct Traffic

Managing social distance and foot traffic are key to avoiding unintended crowding, especially in large businesses. We will map out a recommended flow of foot traffic as well as provide any necessary signage to help limit the risk of unexpected contact.

Install Hygiene Stations

Providing wide-spread availability of cleaning and sanitizing products helps maintain a consistent level of hygiene in the office. We offer everything you need to set up and maintain hygiene stations, including hand sanitizer dispensers and refills.

Maintain Stock of Cleaning Supplies

The expertise offered by our sales team is second-to-none. Not only do we have consistent stock of difficult to find cleaning supplies, but also the ability to offer products specific to the needs of your people as well as your location.

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