At Rudolph Supply, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. As one of Maryland’s largest independent office supplies dealer, we sell many products that can wisely be recycled to take the load off Mother Earth. Our office supplies assortment offers a broad spectrum of recyclable products and business supplies through vendor relationships with manufacturers like Allsteel, HON, Marcal, Ampad, Smead, Tops, and Proctor & Gamble.

Our internal operations are also geared towards efficient use of resources, and supporting green initiatives wherever possible. Among these initiatives we recycle the following waste internally:

  • We generate over 165 tons per year of cardboard from the furniture and office products that we sell. What we do not reuse, we send to a recycling plant.
  • We recycle more than two tons of plastic wrap that comes in our shipments along with other plastic packaging.
  • Our white paper recycling program for all office staff generates roughly 11 tons that is recycled.
    500 tons of wood from a variety of sources such as pallets, shipping material and used furniture is recycled.
  • Rudolph Supply sends 18 tons of scrap metal annually to a recycler for disposal. This includes leftover material from orders, damaged metal products, computers, old metal assets, handling equipment, etc.

Annually, Rudolph Supply recycles approximately 700 tons of waste that would normally be sent to a landfill.

We also utilize RouteTrak software to ensure efficient delivery routes. Regulators are installed on all delivery trucks, limiting top speeds to 60 MPH. With the right routes at the right speeds, Rudolph Supply has been able to reduce the total fuel consumed and overall carbon footprint.

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