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Buy Local

Right here in your own backyard is one of our nation’s great alternatives to big, impersonal chain store indifference. Through our international buying group we often beat big box pricing, while every day we outclass them in delivery service, customer service and flexibility. We maintain a large product selection that includes your favorite brands and our employees have up to 30 years of industry experience.

Local independent businesses support local accountants, attorneys, merchants, banks, insurance firms, restaurants, and other community resources. Studies have found that non-profit organizations receive an average of 250% more support from small, local businesses.

Local businesses help make up the distinctive personality of the community and sustain a healthy, vibrant main street. They keep the community unique and make it home to those who live there. Local businesses hire local people who care about their customers and are invested in the community’s future.

Get out of the big box and buy local today!

Source: Sustainable Connections