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Managed Print Services

Our Managed Print Services (MPS) is an end-to-end solution that maximizes Device Management and Document Workflow efficiencies, resulting in significant cost savings for most output fleets. We provide an unbiased, vendor neutral perspective for document management that is matched to your specific business requirements.


Areas for device improvements within your current fleet are quickly identified, thus avoiding the “rip and replace” strategy of fleet optimization. You receive the highest level of support and service, while realizing a lower cost of ownership. In addition, we minimize disruption within your organization so you experience a smooth and efficient transition to a highly optimized print environment.

We provide and seamlessly integrate all of the components necessary to improve your print environment:

  • Over twenty different MPS program types with customer, location and device level attributes adaptable to your requirements
  • Most technically advanced cloud-based application suite for assessment, solution development, monitoring, alerting, data analysis, service and supplies fulfillment, reporting, billing and ongoing optimization
  • Flexible options for leasing, billing, supplies, service and support
  • Nationwide assessment, hardware deployment, triage and repair services, managed through our printer-centric US-based help desk
  • Ongoing online reports for TCO, fleet changes, utilization and right-size optimization help to identify areas of additional cost savings during the entire contract term
  • Top-quality supplies and parts fulfillment are seamlessly fulfilled through our automated supplies management system
  • Vendor neutral hardware acquisition ensures that only the right product with the right capabilities is introduced into your environment
  • Business process matching seamlessly integrates your current and future service and business capabilities, resulting in better change management and less disruption within your organization
  • Dynamic contract and fleet management allows you to fully understand the source and the steps to minimize fleet cost
  • Comprehensive online support portal and highly skilled support team provide transactional transparency for the fleet we manage


Key Benefits:

  • TCO reduction
  • Improved visibility and manageability
  • Standardization and automation of business practices
  • Fleet efficiencies
  • Effective change management
  • Potential increased cash flow


Engagement Strategy:

Our comprehensive engagement strategy helps you succeed in attaining your print environment improvement goals. The strategy includes Core Focus Areas, Integration Steps and Phases for Measurement of Plan Goals. This approach ensures that no opportunity is overlooked and provides the necessary resources for ongoing fleet management and improvements.


Integration Steps Core Focus Areas Good Measurement Phases
  1. Environment Assessment
  2. Current Device & Workflow Process Integration
  3. Fleet Device Deployment and Rightsizing
  4. Workflow Solution Deployment and Integration
  5. End-to-end Document Lifecycle Management
  6. Ongoing Management and Quarterly Business
  1. Infrastructure Optimization: Balance Productivity and Cost
  2. Environment Management: Increase IT Productivity and System Availability
  3. Workflow Improvements: Streamline Workflows and Increase Compliance
  1. Vendor Consolidation and Initial Cost Control
  2. Fleet Rationalization and Optimization (Device Phase)
  3. Workflow Processes (People Phase)
  4. Lifecycle Services


Cost Savings:

MPS enables greater understanding of one’s print environment and provides the opportunity to put policies in place that reduce overall printing and waste. We see reductions in print volumes that can lower costs by as much as 30%. The cost savings percentages listed are applicable to only the expenses for the identified workflow process or device management cost – these percentages are not cumulative.


Phase Estimated Savings Savings Type
• Vendor Consolidation 13%
• Toner 10%-20% Purchase
• Parts 20% Purchase
• Labor 10% Purchase
Fleet Rationalization/ Optimization 10%-25%
• Optimization 20% Purchase
• Rationalization 5% Purchase
• Monitoring/Reporting 10% Soft
Workflow Process 5%-30%
• Duplex 25% Consumption
• Web-Based Printing Utilities 16% Consumption
• Activity Tracking 20% Reduction
• Rules-Based/Permissions 10%-30% Reduction
• Cost Tracking 5%-20% Reduction


Hard Cost Savings Types:

  • Purchase – decreases parts and consumables expenses
  • Consumption – decreases the amount of paper consumed
  • Reduction – decreases the actual amount of pages printed


Managed Print Services programs offer tremendous rewards at a very low risk. In fact, the risks are quite avoidable and do not negatively impact your actual business – only your potential in realizing print improvements. Risks include resistance to change within your organization, fear of the unknown, and losing focus on long-term plans. With our assistance we will ensure that you stay on track, avoid these potential pitfalls and maximize the benefits with your organization.