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Data Center Services

Data Center Hardware Maintenance   |  Media Services   |  Data Destruction


Data Center Hardware Maintenance

Effective post-warranty maintenance is an important part of any organization’s technology strategy. In addition to reducing the time required to manage multiple hardware service contracts, you can improve SLA’s and reduce maintenance support costs significantly by leveraging our services.

Experience. Flexibility. Quality. Credibility. Commitment.

Through our partnership with Park Place Technologies, we have extensive experience in providing mission-critical hardware maintenance services for multi-vendor data center environments. We offer a wide selection of flexible, customizable maintenance programs designed to extend the life of your IT equipment and meet your service needs:

  • Senior certified badged Field Engineers with an average of twenty years experience in Technology Service Management
  • Parts stored locally or onsite to maintain service levels and maximize uptime
  • North American 24×7 call center with one simple service phone number
  • Simplified contract management with the ability to support multiple vendors with a single contract
  • Flexible service program options to meet your needs including normal business hours and 24×7
  • Tried and proven call management and escalation proceduresLess dependent on manufacturers’ product lifecycles to provide more control over technology infrastructure
      • Customer defined reporting
      • Call tracking and monitoring available automatically to either a desktop computer or PDA
      • Defined escalation path


We are able to support large distributed environments, yet are agile to respond quickly to urgent or nontraditional requests.


Multi-Vendor Expertise:


  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Sun
  • Legacy Systems – DEC
    and Data General
 Disk Storage:

  • Dell
  • EMC
  • Hitachi
  • HP
  • IBM
  • NetApp
  • Sun (STK)
 Tape Storage:

  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Overland
  • Qualstar
  • Quantum
  • Sun (STK)

  • Brocade-Foundry
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Juniper
  • McData


Media Services

Through our partnership with Infinity Data Solutions, we provide data center services and products to fortune 1000 users through a well-established network of computer supply distributors, VARs, and integrators throughout North America.

By leveraging our vast data center and enterprise expertise, we help companies reduce costs while improving their critical uptime requirements and service level agreements. Services may be performed at the user’s on-site location or off-site at our secure facility.

Today’s data centers try to functionally do more with fewer resources. Current staffing levels, in many instances, do not provide enough manpower to maintain service level agreements or provide for routine services. Our highly trained personnel can maximize your efficiencies with on-site audits, migrations, cleaning, data eradication, and other data center related services.


Our media services include:

  • Data Eradication by Volser:
      • Our proprietary data eradication services guarantee secure and unprecedented safeguards and redundancies ensuring all data is safely and securely eradicated
  • High Security Critical Data Transportation:
      • Tapes are barcoded, scanned, audited and tracked at every critical step
  • Certified Magnetic Media:
      • We offer certified media tape that actually performs better than new tape
  • Data Migration:
      • Move data from legacy platforms to new technology and increase efficiency by migrating backups to the same platform
  • Label and Initialization of Magnetic Tape:
      • We label and initialize new or certified magnetic media saving you time, money and resources
  • Tape Buyback:
      • Sell your old magnetic tape with full confidence that complete and thorough data eradication is performed
  • Data Center Relocation and Migration:
      • Our highly trained personnel provide secure and efficient movement of tape libraries or entire data centers across town or across the country
  • Magnetic Tape Cleaning:
      • Maximize the life and effectiveness of your infrastructure with cleaning, retensioning and certification of older tape
  • Tape Library Audits:
      • Fast, efficient and thorough on-site or off-site audits of your entire tape library provides accurate and critical information of backups for internal and external customers
  • Asset Recovery:
      • We will uninstall, remove, discard or destroy your old technology in accordance with federal and state guidelines, and published DOD standards


Data Destruction

Through our partnership with Mobile Data Shredding, we provide reasonable, secure, verifiable, proof-positive, affordable, on-site computer tape and hard drive destruction services. There is no safer, more secure, better method for destruction of your high-density computer storage media than at your own facility with our on-site service.

As the national leader in on-site computer tape and hard drive destruction, Mobile Data Shredding is experienced, competent and capable of completely destroying your scratched, end-of-cycle, retired, obsolete backup media.

All removable, portable storage devices and the millions of bytes of data stored upon them will be shred, crushed and converted into a completely unrecognizable, unreadable and recoverable mass visibly and under your complete supervision.


We offer the following data destruction benefits:

  • >On-site attention to detail and preparation, as well as important logistical and security concerns
  • Our barcode scanning option will log in every piece of media for destruction and produce a Destruction Inventory Report for your full confirmation and audit purposes
  • The mobile shredding vehicle is equipped with our automated “Tipper System” substantially increasing throughput speed, improving security measures, and reducing the possibility of injury
  • Onboard cameras with a real-time monitor offer you visible verification of the entire process…loading, shredding, destruction and output
  • Our state-of-the art industrial shredders have an impressive destruction speed capable of fully destroying thousands of computer tapes or hard drives per hour
  • Our mobile shredding vehicles’ payloads are quite large, with the capacity for many thousands of destroyed cartridges, handling most projects in just one appointment
  • Immediately following a project’s completion, for your confirmation, security and audit purposes, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction on-site, including the type and quantity of media destroyed, date, time and signed by an authorized Mobile Data Shredding employee


Why shred your tape and hard drives? The reasons are simple:

  • Relieve liability in leaving unused, discarded backup media full of live data in boxes, racked or palletized, in a tape library, on the data center floor, in offices, cabinets, off-site storage or in a warehouse
  • Eliminate possibilities of viewing, copying, loss or even theft of the confidential files stored
  • Free up valuable raised floor space and other storage areas
  • Shred on-site for a fraction of the cost of wiping, degaussing, eradication or incineration
  • Maintain compliance with state and federal statutes mandating proper disposal of confidential and sensitive information