emergency plan

Are you ready in case of an emergency? Be prepared, have a plan.

June is National Safety Month. Are you ready in case an emergency occurs? The National Safety Council observes National Safety Month each June to raise awareness of what it take to be safe. The National Safety Council has several tools and educational materials available on their website that organizations can use to measure their safety… Read More »

Emergencies can happen in an instant. Communicate just as fast.

Rudolph’s is excited to offer the Show2Know Safety Organizer to our customers. The red and green SlimMate storage clipboard offers a solution to communicate at-a-glance in an emergency situation and is great for offices, schools, daycares, hospitals, large facilities, summer camps, and group events. The storage clipboard can hold rosters, evacuation procedures, protocol, floor plans, emergency… Read More »

Are you ready if an emergency occurs?

September is National Preparedness Month. Are you ready if an emergency occurs? National Preparedness Month is sponsored by FEMA and aims to educate and empower people to prepare for and respond to emergencies, including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, radiation emergencies, biological and chemical threats, and mass casualties. Police, fire fighters, and rescue teams may not… Read More »