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Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker. When offices and workspaces are not designed ergonomically to match the physical requirements of the job to the physical capacity of the worker, repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can result. Workers who must repeat the same motion throughout their workday, who must do their work in an awkward position, who must use a great deal of force to perform their job, who must repeatedly lift heavy objects or who face a combination of these risk factors are most likely to develop these injuries and disorders. Ergonomic solutions reduce this risk and improve productivity by eliminating unnecessary motions, providing proper seating support and fitting the worker to the workspace.

Are your offices ergonomic? Our Ergonomic Evaluation services can save you thousands of dollars annually in workman’s compensation claims related to repetitive motion injuries and musculoskeletal disorders caused by improperly designed workspaces. Our professionally trained specialists can evaluate your offices and work areas and recommend solutions to make these areas ergonomically correct.

Some of the areas discussed in this program include:

  • Why are ergonomics important?
  • Workstation recommendations, risks & implications of injury
  • Recommended design of computer work stations
  • How to identify problems in design
  • Designs that encourage injury
  • OSHA regulations
  • Office assessments
  • Office seating
  • Proper positioning
  • Monitor/VDT placement
  • Keyboard/mouse placement
  • Office environment factors